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APSA-World Vegetable Center Consortium

  • 1 Jan 2017
  • 31 Dec 2017


  • Large company consortium joining fee is for companies or organizations with more than 100 employees
  • Small company consortium joining fee is for companies with less than 100 employees.


Membership in this consortium is offered to APSA members with an interest in plant breeding for the development of improved vegetable varieties. Benefits are provided by the World Vegetable Centre and the consortium membership is facilitated by the Asia and Pacific Seed Association.

Benefits for Consortium Members Include:

·       Participation in an annual workshop at a World Vegetable Centre Facility to demonstrate new outputs of its vegetable improvement program and to discuss results obtained by Consortium Companies from testing of WorldVeg breeding lines at their own field sites using experimental protocols provided by WorldVeg. WorldVeg will offer free workshop participation to one representative from each Consortium Company; this includes lodging, meals, transportation within Taiwan/Thailand, workshop materials and coffee breaks. All workshop participants must cover their transportation costs to reach the workshop vicinity (international airports in Taiwan and Bangkok, Thailand).

·       WorldVeg will share news and information of potential interest to Consortium Companies at least one other time (in addition to the workshop) every calendar year; this will include information about new relevant literature in the field of germplasm screening, breeding methodology and WorldVeg breeding lines. This information will be provided through a newsletter to be e-mailed to Consortium Companies.

·       Consortium companies can request ten free seed acquisitions per year from WorldVeg, subject to seed availability and phytosanitary clearance of requested accessions/lines.

·       WorldVeg shall make available its annual report to Consortium Companies.

·       Preferential access and a 20% discount on tuition for WorldVeg-offered training opportunities will be provided to Consortium Companies. This benefit would extend to all of the member companies’ employees.

Please read full details on the Consortium here.

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